Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A round-up of the 6 Most Popular posts on my blog [as of Nov 2014]

Over the week-end, during a regular blog maintenance I was looking through my blog analytics to see how my posts were performing.

The list of the 6 Most Popular posts here on my blog left me with mixed emotions - Surprise, happiness and gratitude... about how far I have come as a writer, how unpredictable readers can be, and how wonderful it is to be read

Whether you are an old reader or a new visitor, it is always good to have a view on the Most popular posts here. So in this post, I'm sharing a round-up of these posts

Listing them in order of popularity

Extra-marital affairs : The big WHY?

Key Considerations when buying a house.

What it means to be a mother?

What is your personal legacy?

33 Blog Titles for FREE

Pre-Marital Checklist

Did you like them? Leave a comment to let me know..

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

3 minutes of your time for the case and cause of Indian women at work

Do you think that Indian women at work issues are spoken about enough? Or rather the right issues are acknowledged enough?

Do you think the Indian women at work is at the cross-roads to manage their personal and professional lives?

Do you have any views, perspectives, opinions on what the real problems are?

Do you think the 'real conversations' which make a difference are happening? Are they enough?

Any thoughts on what solutions can make it all better for her - Be it your daughter(-in-law), mother(-in-law), sister(-in-law), friend or any women around you?

Here's a chance to share your views and perspectives.. All it takes is 3 minutes of your time.
Fill the survey @ http://goo.gl/forms/19slaO7YzS

NOTE: Survey open all through Nov 2014. Please feel free to share in your network

Thanks in advance


Liked my post? Be sure to click-over to my other blog Nischala's Space, Thoughts and Expressions in which I write about Women At Work, Marketing, Social Media and Leadership.

To get a peak into my every day thoughts, words and world, follow me on Twitter @nimu9

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When the cards are all stacked up against you

There are times in life
When the cards are all stacked up against you

You can't run
You can't hide
You can't ignore

You simply have to face the reality

It is unfair
But no on really seems to care

It is not your fault
But hardly any one seems to take notice

The cards are stacked up against you

You wonder
Why ME?
Why NOW?

Questions galore
Answers no more

Many pass judgment
Many dole out free advice
Many say what they want to say
Many give you pity and sympathy
Many analyze and dissect you
And the fact is
Most of them don't even know the real story! 

All you need
Is some hope
Is some good wishes
Is some prayers
Is some good-will
Is some new dreams
Is something to keep you going

The bad days / times don't last forever
Sometimes they last a second.. sometimes years
But the cards which stack up against you
Do fall down
After all, they are but cards in the game of life
And the fact is
Nothing is really the same forever
Even all the cards stacked up against you

Agree? No? Leave a comment to let me know..

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Of many hues

Of many hues
Are life's many relationships

Sometimes the color is absolute
Sometimes the color is real
Sometimes the color is a dream
Sometimes the color is an imagination

Sometimes you wonder
Is it the eyes?
Is it the color?

The colors change
As you traverse through age
And shades aplenty with the phase

In school
In college
In work
At home
At play

The hues become varied
And the impact is beyond

The color stays
And nothing can wash away
The permanent dye in the hues of life...

Black, Red and White
Stay the longest...

What is your color today?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Favorite Quotes on Siblings

 Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk. ~Susan Scarf Merrell

Our siblings push buttons that cast us in roles we felt sure we had let go of long ago - the baby, the peacekeeper, the caretaker, the avoider.... It doesn't seem to matter how much time has elapsed or how far we've traveled. ~Jane Mersky Leder

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring, quite often the hard way. ~Pamela Dugdale

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. ~Amy Li

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. ~Marion C. Garretty

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double. ~Toni Morrison

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. ~Author Unknown

When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us? ~Pam Brown

When mom and dad don't understand, a sister always will. ~Author Unknown

An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too. ~Pam Brown

Sisters don't need words. They have perfected a language of snarls and smiles and frowns and winks - expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief. Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs - that can undermine any tale you're telling. ~Pam Brown

We acquire friends and we make enemies, but our sisters come with the territory. ~Evelyn Loeb

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child. ~Barbara Alpert

Sisters make the best friends in the world. ~Marilyn Monroe

This post is dedicated to my Sister - Thank You for everything