Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 : How far have we come...

2010 is an important year... It’s been a decade since gradation, Close to a decade of professional work experience & achieving several other personal milestones.
Over the recent past, have spoken (out of the blue) to several old friends / acquaintances (I myself am amazed that I call some of them my friends today & am still in touch - Especially for some one like me :)
Some highlights / personal observations:
1) I am amazed with the achievements of some of these individuals. Most of them have studied in the best schools in India & the world. Some of them are today CEO's, CTO's, VP's, Directors, etc. and super achievers (including the global awards & felicitations that some of them have received) in a variety of fields (IT of course, Banking, Marketing, Mining, Fashion Design, Interior Decoration, Education, Medicine, Law, etc. etc. - The list is endless). Some of these were always the so called "academic stars"; so their achievements come as no surprise to us. But some of them (we honestly used to wonder what they would make of themselves) have broken all myths & barriers w.r.t where they stand today & I am proud to know these people at sometime in life .
2) I am also surprised with the personal choices that many of these individuals have made w.r.t the choice of the life partner (which is one of life's most important decision), the choice of which part of the world to settle down in, the risks / gambles taken in life, priorities in life, etc.
3) Past memories - Each of us have probably been through the same event / experience at some point in time. But what we choose to recall & carry with us for the rest of our life is very different (& many times surprisingly funny & interesting).
What is heartwarming however is the bond that we have; & that irrespective of the time since we last spoke & the nature of the relationship – There is a connection. And what is even more fascinating for me is the memory they have of me (something which gives me a good laugh & makes me realize how far I have come in life & how much I have transformed)

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