Friday, March 26, 2010


"Nothing is permenant but Change". How true! We are constantly changing in all dimensions (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). I heard an interesting insight on Change. The change agent / trigger / catalyst / cause can be external / internal. However, it is important to acknowledge & recognize that we are the instruments of the change.
Three important things which are of paramount importance in change
1) A deep understanding of "What to change?" - One needs to be clear about what you want to change..
2) "How to change?" - One needs to make a transition & this requires one to take focused dedicated action to achieve this change
3) "Want to change" - This is most imporant. Even if you know "What to change?" and "How to change?", without the "Want to change" in most likelihood, this will be an academic / theoretical analysis. One should have that inner desire / motivation / self-will to make the change happen. Only then will one see the visible change results..

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