Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health is Wealth

There is ample wisdom, experience and learnings of several lifetimes in daily quotes that we hear all the time. One such is "Health is Wealth". I never really understood this in entireity till several personal experiences have re-inforced this message over the past few years.
Key Learnings
1) Your body is your temple. Worship it. Devote 30 mins daily to physical well being.
2) Health is not only about body - It is wellness in body, mind & soul. Invest time for growth in each of these dimensions - Through yoga, "Me" time, Pranayama. Trust me - You will see and feel visible differences in about 2 weeks.
3) Watch what you eat; Eat Right. I am amazed at how well educated, knowledgeable, learned & so called "wise" people "repeatedly" making the most "foolish" choices in food.
I always maintain that if one does not give your health the required importance and priority; then DO NOT expect anyone else to. After all, that is the very least you owe to yourself & your dear ones.

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