Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have been speaking to several people recently (friends, family, professional colleagues) & everyone seems to unanimously echoing the sentiment on the scarcity of time in life. I was wondering if this has anything to do with age, phase of life, location, gender, etc. But surprisingly, NO. These are people from all walks of life, all phases of life, all ages, all parts of the world (For e.g.: school kids /college kids /home-makers /working professionals, single / married / married with kids, etc )
Something to ponder about... When did I last feel pressed for time? I don't recall anytime for the past few years.. In fact, off late I find myself with surplus time that I don't know how to best utilize this... Why? I ask myself...
Well, following are some of the things which I could instantly recognize:
1) Clarity of priorities - Be clear on your priorities in life & apportion your time accordingly. You cannot afford to have more that 3 high priority items at any point in life. If you do, you won't do justice to either
2) You cannot make everyone happy all the time . So instead of aiming to keep everyone happy & living your life is accordance with others expectations, learn to balance this. It is a self acquired art.
3) Acknowledge that you are human. And like every human, you do have your limitations. There is no need to be Superman / Superwoman everytime. Sometimes its OK to lose, Sometimes its OK to not even participate & It surely is GOOD to win sometimes.
And lastly, Remember that Nothing lasts Forever (including Time)

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