Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knowing - Doing - Knowing : Its a cycle

It definitely is the generation of information overload. Knowledge appears to be the first source of competitive advantage - both in professional and personal circles. Everyone is in a hurry to log on to the net, read the first breaking news, watch it live on TV, follow the words of wisdom on Twitter, read the latest blog posts - Where does it end? It never does!!!

I have my personal hypothesis on this. Knowing is great & there is significant value in having access to information first, but the more important point is what do you do with that Knowledge? Is it a self-booster to make you feel that you are ahead of others?

My point of view is that there is only limited value / use in "Knowing" anything. What is of paramount importance is what you choose to "Do" with that information. And based on your "Doing" - You need to go back to Knowing (Unknowing something, Knowing some new things). It is a continuous learning cycle... Hence, the learning continues... forever!

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