Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's the hype and fuss about?

I am always amused by some of my close friends who always seem to be "news thirsty" (They will read about 10 newspapers daily, watch the News on TV @ dawn and @ dusk, Get the latest news updates on mobiles, etc.). Such people will not enjoy their lunch / dinner breaks, not sleep enough, not spend enough time with family / loved ones, etc - Why? They are always thirsty for the latest news. I happened to suggest to one such friend to abstain from any news for 1 day & the look I got suggested that any further discussion on this topic could almost result in a termination of the friendship (which I valued more than my suggestion), so I let the topic drop.

I do not pride myself in this category. However, I did decide to put myself through a self imposed exile (for a limited time period) from all news mediums - Internet, TV, Paper, etc. And lo! & behold - What were the key learning's?
* I did not "REALLY" miss out on anything
* The news was still there.. For me to access & read (Of course! There was more because I missed a day)
* I had a lot more free time to indulge in some other activities - which I did enjoy!

I still cannot figure out "What's all the hype and fuss about?" - But it sure does seem to be worthwhile for some... :)

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