Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My fondness for Cookery shows on TV

I am neither a TV addict nor a Foodie. So my current fondness for Cookery shows on TV is a bit of a surprise to me. I am yet to figure out what draws me to these shows, but I do thoroughly enjoy them.

The list of favourites are:
1) Nigella Bites - Hosted by Nigella Lawson who is a Brit food writer, journalist & broadcaster. What I love about the show is Nigella and the way she cooks - Every meal is a delight to watch. She is an absolute charmer on the screen & her very presence lights up the screen - The smile and warmth is totally contagious. She cooks in her home kitchen & uses a combination of traditional methods along with modern gadgets which is unique & refreshingly great. Her delivery style is intimate with the viewer & this is absolutely fantastic. I find watching her shows almost theraupatic. Whoever said cooking was theraupatic should add "Watching Nigella Cook" to that list. And even though I am a total veggie ; somehow still manage to enjoy every non-veggie recipe she dishes up. An absolute treat to watch! Wonder when I can taste some of her salads and desserts!
2) Hell's Kitchen - Hosted by Gordon Ramsay who is a Brit chef, TV personality and Restauranter. What I love about the show is the ultimate "spirit of competition" in the kitchen where individuals and teams dish up mouth watering menus. But what draws me to the show is the man himself - How he challenges the teams to perform their best, the extra pressure & I don't know why? But I do eagerly wait for him to blast someone - Its adds to the magical persona and personal charm of Ramsay himself!
3) The Chopping Block - Hosted by Marco Pierre White who is an English chef and restauranter, this is another absolute delight. While I love the cooking and the competitive spirit in the kitchen, what is more appealing is Marco's attitude and arrogance!
4) Take Home Chef - The idea of cooking a special meal for someone special by bringing home a chef is great. Hosted by Curtis Stone - The Australian celebrity chef (who trained in London under Marco Pierre White), author and TV personality, the show is slowly becoming a personal favorite.
5) Do It Sweet - I have been watching several of the Indian Cookery shows, but none appealed to me as much as "Do It Sweet". Presented by Maria Goretti, and with Chef Vicky Ratnani the desserts that are dished up are an absolute delight. Not to mention, the sweet sunny persona of Maria and her expressions after tasting every dish only make me coming back for more.

Well I do see a pattern - All the chefs have few things in common - They appear to be happiest when they are cooking, they have great smiles, & they have something to do with London! May be its time for me to visit London :)

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  1. I so agree with you Nischu....Nigella's show is the best!
    Shes so real and that realness shows in the way she cooks her food!! In a world where commercialism is everything, Nigella's show is refreshing!