Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lessons from my cook

I have been reading and listening to lots of "gyaan" for the past few days :).. Guess one of those "times" when everyone around me thinks / feels that he / she is "wise" and I am a soul who could use any "free gyaan".
Anyways, I was mulling over what differentiates some of us from the rest - At the face of it, there would be no visible / tangible difference between individuals. But still, we see / hear of stories of people who are successful & young achievers. While there is odes of literature available on this subject, listing below my observations based on patterns / behavior that I have seen from my cook - Priya.
Getting and Retaining a cook for residential purposes (esp. in Delhi) is a great achievement - given the alternate bright career options available today. Well I happened to have several cooks over the past few months with mixed luck & success. For e.g.: One would think she is the owner of the kitchen - I am yet to figure out what is the connection between women and their love for "sole" territorial ownership of the kitchen, One said that she would cook as per her taste and we need to adjust (I am wondering who is the service provider and who is the customer!), One said she can cut vegetables only in a certain way & cannot adapt or even try alternates, Another used to cook as per her taste & would consume most of the food too! ( I used to wonder if she was cooking for herself or us), etc. etc. etc.] - The experiences in hindsight make me laugh - But it was no fun going through this experience.
I was mightly glad when I found my current cook - Priya. A Bengali by birth who had shifted (with family) to Delhi for making a living. She in turn has turned out to God sent - Someone who is an excellent cook & I am sure will scale to great heights in life. What are the few differentiators that I have observed in her
1) Her love / passion for cooking - She loves to cook and is a natural in the kitchen. This is true for most people who are successful - They genuinely love what they do. And most importantly, she knows this - Many people lose out as they are not even aware of what they love to do
2) Her quest to learn - She is a Bengali and can dish up the most amazing cuisine whether it is South Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, Italian, etc etc etc. And everytime I suggest something new, she is game for it - to try and learn. And then excel at it by repeated practice
3) Her attitude - She is positive and an extra chore here or there is taken in the right spirit
4) Her smile - The one thing that you will see constantly on her face is a big SMILE
5) Her inherent need to improvize - She always wants to beat her own standards - whether in quality or speed. And she gets better with each passing day - Truly admirable!

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