Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 : My Quotes - Part 3

* Define your own game, your own rules and bring in your own players - That’s the power of re-definition

* Purpose of life is to be HAPPY NOW; Reason for unhappiness is confusion on what makes one HAPPY, time it NOW & let the NOW extend to ETERNITY

* Intrinsic freedom can give you unimaginable joy

* Once in a way, burst your bubbles ; You need to see the real image, Only then can you grow

* One's personal asset - ME time. The more you invest, the more your returns

* One's personal liabilities - Negative thoughts in the NOW, PAST baggage, Fears of FUTURE

* Post childhood - If you ever have more Questions than Answers, you are on the right path

* When emotions come in to the equation; every simple equation becomes infinitely complex

* Never underestimate the power of "conscious thoughts" & "unrealized dreams". They are the true catalysts for crossing the chasm

* Metamorphosize now; Why wait for tomorrow to be the butterfly?

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