Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 : Ruminations of Life - Part 1

* It is important to have a purpose in life - This will give one the required strength and energy to move ahead in life. This is very different for different people [For e.g.: For some it may be building a business empire, For some it may be art, For some it may be a happy family, etc.]
* Every individual has their strengths and weaknesses ; Look at the strengths and ignore the weaknesses - We are all human!
* Basic human emotions are the same among people all over the world - They are finite ; What varies is when we exhibit these emotions, how we exhibit the same and the extent to which we feel the emotion
* After a point, it is better to write-off some investments / relationships - They are probably not worth your time anymore
* A good network of friends is vital in today's age. Have friends who are not in the same profession as yours. Ensure you have few friends who are doctors and lawyers!
* It is important to find balance in life across the following dimensions - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spriritual, Financial and Social
* Every creative soul needs inspiration and emotion ; There is no progress without this
* Whatever be an individual's age, social standing or phase of life, there is something one can learn. Just observe and be open to learning

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