Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As one enters the threshold of parenthood, if there is one thing that you will recieve in abundance, it is advice. It comes in all shapes & sizes, from all quarters (including near & dear and long lost relatives!!!) - and it surely is FREE!!!. It seems like everyone has something worthwhile to offer by virtue of their experience. While good advice is always valued and treasured, an overdose is certainly not desirable.

While recieving advice,
* Listen - Be open to any advice / inputs / suggestions
* Try to find the rationale of the same - All advice may not be always applicable
* Learn to filter and assimilate based of your individual situation and judgment

While giving advice,
* Make sure you time it right ; else it will fall on deaf ears
* Make sure you give the advice to the right individuals
* Ensure that you communicate it right - Using positive language

Sometimes its better to NOT give any advice, & let individuals learn through experiential learning. Just being around and providing passive support helps!!!

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