Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lessons from my Baby

My little baby is all of 43 days old & she's taught (rather re-inforced) some basic life lesson's...
* Clarity on Priorities : She's so clear on her priorities (Sleep, Food & Physical comfort - Needs to be warm & dry) and has kept them simple - Only 3 priorities
* Single Minded Focus : If she wants something, she wants it & now! Everything else can wait. Sometimes in life its good to have a single minded focus on your objective and be oblivious to everything else!
* Time Table : She has a time table for everything - Sleep time, Feeding time, Entertainment time (& this has to include some live entertainment!!! - Recorded shows will just NOT DO!!!), Bath time, Exercise Time, Loo Time, Cuddly Time, etc. She is clear what needs to be done daily & what can be skipped occasionally :)
* Curiosity : She is curious about everything (I wonder what goes on in her mind) - But she is inquisitive about everything from the TV, to camera, to fan, to mobile, to people, etc. Its important to have child-like curiosity which is a very important pre-requisite for learning and growth
* Communication : In a short span of a few days, she has understood how to communicate her needs, & she does it brilliantly. She modulates the "baby language" and pitch so beautifully. A lesson on the importance of choosing the right tone and voice modulation to effectively communicate any message


  1. Very well written. Yes there is much to learn from the little ones!

    - Shantanu

  2. Great Post Nischala! Keep the learning on... these are beautiful nuggets. :)

    - Ashish