Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Banter Banter Banter…

I have the good fortune of knowing and being associated with a few people who have the unique talent of being able to speak on any topic, at any time of the day / night, for any time duration and to any kind of audience.
In their company, I almost seem to forget if there was any topic that was to be discussed. I also forget how time flies, tend to be more of a listener and also tend to enjoy myself. You probably will not have any intellectually stimulating discussions, but will feel that it is time well spent!!
What I observed about such individuals:
* They generally have a very pleasant disposition
* Within a few minutes of initiation of the conversation, they tend to take control of the discussion and will steer the same to a topic of their interest
* They usually tend to be lousy listeners
* They have a natural / self-acquired gift of the gab
* They lack depth of knowledge on most topics ; However they have basic knowledge on a great deal of subjects
* They are fast thinkers and smart articulators
* They have a great innate ability to co-relate unrelated things ; and relate it specifically to a topic of their interest
I conclude by saying that this is both a skill and art. Kudos to those who can speak; & Good Luck to all those who have to listen …

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