Monday, December 20, 2010

A Daily Routine...

One of the best practices that any one from the older generation (read as parents / grand-parents) religiously followed was a daily routine. Come summer or winter, rain or shine, happy or sad days, they would typically stick to this. A representative schedule would include a fixed time to wake-up and sleep, a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a fixed time for bathing, a fixed time for prayers, a fixed time for catching up on the news, a fixed time for relaxation, a fixed time for work, a fixed time for socializing, a fixed time…. for just about anything! There would be certain deviations on very few occasions – like a festival, a social gathering like a wedding, or if one was having guests over, or if one was visiting friends / family and staying with them, etc. etc. etc.
Looking at folks from the current generation and the younger generation, most of the people do not have any daily routine. They wake up when they want, sleep when they wish, eat whatever they want whenever they want and where ever they want. Prayers are only for tough times – It’s not a daily ritual. Work times are flexible, so you can start and finish at any time. Socializing is no longer restricted to physically meeting people. So you can chat with someone at any time of day or night, etc. etc. etc.
Two very different lifestyles; and possibly adapted to the specific time periods.
In a quest to understand why the daily routine was so important, I did a mini-survey on people from the older generation. Here’s what they said:
* A daily routine helps build self-discipline in an individual. Some of the things that we do on a daily basis have long term benefits on life. For e.g.: Eating meals at fixed times gives the body adequate time to digest and provide the required energy for all metabolic activities
A daily routine helps one plan your tasks and execute them
It helps maintain work life balance. You compartmentalize your time and reserve specific chunks for your work, family, social life and possibly other interests
It alleviates stress in life as there is very little rush and last minute preparation for anything
And most importantly “Make it a habit. Define a daily routine which suits your lifestyle and what you believe is in your best interest and stick to it!!! ”
Hmmmm… So right! And very well said! Guess it’s time for me to make My Daily Routine…

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