Wednesday, December 15, 2010


If there is one inhibiting human emotion, it is fear. Every one harbors different kinds of fear – ranging from fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of reptiles, fear of public speaking, fear of asking queries, fear of challenging others, fear of questioning ‘status-quo’, fear of failure, fear of the loss of a loved one, fear of not living up to others expectations, fear of our inability to fulfill our dreams, fear of disease / ill-health, fear of the unknown / future, fear of the resurgence of ghosts from the past, etc. etc. etc.

Fear in some measure, can act as a positive catalyst facilitating one to perform to the best of one’s ability. This is very constructive and proves to be healthy for an individual.

However, the ultimate fear which many of us harbor is the fear of death. This is somewhat paradoxical because if there one thing in life that is absolutely certain it is death (There is still some uncertainty about everything else in life from our education to our careers to our social status to our financial standing to our weddings to our children, etc. etc. etc.). Still, most of us have this fear. Probably more than fear, it is because one is mostly clueless of the timing. Also, when confronted with death, one suddenly feels that they have not lived life “fully’ and that one has several things which are “undone” / “incomplete”.

It is important to realize that:
* It is only human / natural to have fear. Everyone has different kinds of fear, to different extent and they influence our lives in different ways – both positive and negative
* It is important for one to recognize one’s own fear. Several times, they can severely limit our progress in life
* If a fear is seriously limiting you, it is important to consciously conquer your fear;  You will feel liberated and will be able to scale to greater heights in life

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