Thursday, December 16, 2010


If there is one tradition which is integral to the Indian culture, it is that of giving and receiving gifts. Typically, gifts are presented for happy occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. ; or when we visit someone; or when there is a festival. Anyone who receives a gift is usually happy – probably because the associated underlying thought and emotion is that someone thinks about us and cares / loves us to express the emotion through a gift.

The tradition of “gifting” however has undergone an ocean of change. Gone are the days when the gift items where pre-defined for each occasion. Today, with the increasing propensity to spend there are innumerable gift options.

Some pointers for “gifting”:
• Be Thoughtful - Think about whom you are giving the gift for and the occasion and buy accordingly. Many times we buy gifts that we personally like with no thought what-so-ever of the recipient
• Ask – In today’s day and age, it’s better to ask what anyone wants. Giving a gift which someone probably wants (provided it fits within your budget) is a great idea; rather than buying something random just to give a gift
• Tell – Just like its fine to ask, it’s equally fine to tell what you want. One will probably be happier receiving something that they have wanted for a while
• Surprise Gifts – We all love surprises. And especially if it’s a gift; & something that we have cherished for a long time – we will value the gift, the person who gave the gift and the moment!

Gift something special to a special someone; & make them happy!!! There’s nothing more heart-warming than a genuine smile on the face of a loved one!!!

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