Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How are you?

Three little words “How are you? - is something which we all use very frequently in our day-to-day interactions. Typical responses range from “I’m fine. Thank You!”, “Not too bad”, “Jolly Good!”, “In showroom condition”, “OK”, “”Great”, “All’s well”. But no one ever said that they were not OK.

It made me wonder – Is everyone really fine all the time? Theoretically and statistically, this is almost impossible!

So then I wonder, why do we ask this question? I guess it has become more of a greeting / salutation & most people probably do not even expect a response.

Then I wonder, why do we respond the way we do??? Are we comfortable in expressing our “true state of mind” to all and sundry – Probably not!

And lastly I wonder, if we did feel comfortable in sharing our deepest emotion with someone, do we really need a “How are you?”

The wonderment continues…

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