Monday, December 20, 2010

How to create your "Online Personal Brand"?

Step 1 :  Be clear about the brand image you want to build. Do you want to be branded as a subject matter expert in a technology area? OR Do you want to be branded as a spiritual guru? OR Do you want to be branded as a sports buff, etc. etc. etc.

Step 2 : Be clear about the sphere of influence in which you want to create this brand image. Do you want to build your brand among friends? OR Do you want to build this brand image among your colleagues? OR Do you want to build a global brand which transcends your immediate network of friend and family? etc. etc. etc.

Step 3 : Create your own personal space online (blog, webpage, etc.) where you exhibit your knowledge in the area(s) that you want to create your brand. Ensure you have enough material which is aligned to the brand image you want to build. Showcase and highlight your thoughts, knowledge and experience effectively.

Step 4 : Share your personal online space with the target sphere of influence. Ensure that you reach this audience through the right communcation channel. For e.g.: A Facebook post OR a Tweet on your profile OR an e-mail. Choose the most effective channel that your target audience would read.
It always helps to have some one of significant stature / authority in the specific fiels to read / comment / contribute in your online space. Not only does this add to your credibility, but it also helps strengthen your brand.

Step 5 : Update your personal online space periodically to exhibit that you are up-to-date. Send regualar communication updates through the right channel to reach your target audience.

Step 6 : Request feedback periodically to ensure that you get a pulse of the audience. Make necessary corrections (if required) to ensure that you are able to strengthen your brand image over time.

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  1. Hi Nischala,

    Nice post and good information regarding branding, it is important to define your purpose in order to come up with the right brand image.