Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love Bangalore...

I am and will always be a "Banglorean" by heart. No matter where I go (for work or travel or to reside), home is always Bangalore. Every time I de-plane in Bangalore, I feel a unique sense of calm, peace and happiness - It is like I belong here.

Off late, I have been in discussion with several people who have cribbed incessantly on numerous flaws / drawbacks in Bangalore - specially w.r.t infrastructure, traffic, etc. My response to them is that if you don't like the place, you always have a choice of moving out (And I always mention that their presence has contributed to Bangalore's deterioration - which closes any further discussion on this topic!!!)

Anyways, I was mulling over why I love Bangalore (inspite of everything). While the list is endless, inscribing the top reasons below:
* Most of things I love are (still) in Bangalore - My family, my closest and dearest friends, my favorite eat-outs, my favorite shopping destinations, my house, etc. etc. etc.
* I am what I am because of Bangalore - From the formal education (primary school to post graduation) to everything else that I evert learnt (From yoga, aerobics, art, etc. etc. etc.) has been here
* I love the people - Warm, easy-to-be-with (& uncomplicated), honest, open
* I love the weather - While its not what it was 20 years back, it is still great all through the year
* I love the lifestyle - Relaxed, self-paced and thoroughly enjoyable!!!

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