Thursday, December 9, 2010

In your 20's

Someone very dear asked me - Now that I am in my 30's , what is my advice to anyone in their 20's? Here was my advice, & felt it would be worthwhile to convert into a blog.

1) Invest sometime daily on fitness - Play a sport, Run, Skip, Cycle, etc.
2) Build your knowledge base - Take time to read on diverse subjects
3) Start planning and investing for your retirement
4) Take time to understand money / finances
5) Pursue a hobby / Do one thing that you love - And continue doing through-out life
6) Build and retain a good network of friends
7) Learn / Do something new every year
8) Spend time with family
9) Do something different / something you would never usually do periodically
Above all, be experimental. Have an open mind. Try out new things. Discover yourself. Laugh. Love and Live life fully!!!

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