Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leave a Comment…

“How often do you read something online and leave a comment?” was a question posed during a discussion? The most popular responses where “Can’t recall when I last left a comment”, “Never”, “I think X times” (and X was typically less than 10)!!!
“How often do you read something online?” was the next question.  The most popular responses were “Daily”, “Hourly”, “Very frequently!!!”
Something did not quite seem to add-up.
Let me take the personal example of my blog. It’s been close to a month since I have been actively blogging. I also have the data of how many readers have read a blog post and how many have left a comment. In terms of statistics, less than 0. 1% of readers have actually left a comment. I probably have more readers who call me and complement me for my writings than the number that have left a comment. I also probably have more readers who have sent me a mail giving me their feedback, but have not left a comment.
I wonder why we did not leave a comment when we read anything online.
Was it that we did not like anything we read? – Of course not! There’s lot of things that we like, There’s lot of stuff that we learn and There’s lot of stuff that we really enjoy!
Was it that we did not feel strongly (agreement / disagreement) with anything that we read? – Of course not! We all have our own opinions on everything and hence we do tend to agree / disagree with others.
Was it that we still preferred anonymity and hence did not want to comment? – Probably, yes for some!
Was it that leaving a comment was just not a practice that we follow? – Probably, yes for some!
Anyways after all the thinking, I made the following notes for myself:
·         If you like something you read, do acknowledge the same and appreciate the writer. Any positive feedback is good!
·         If you have learnt / benefitted from something you read, let the writer know. One of the reason why people write is to share their knowledge / thoughts
·         Rule of Thumb : For every 10 articles you read, make sure you comment on at least one
And if you have read my blog, and have a comment to make, please do feel free to write it!!
It will either make me happy (in case you liked what you read or have benefitted from it) OR
It help me refine my thoughts OR
It will help me get an alternate view OR
It will help me become a better writer!!!
Thank you for reading this blog!!!

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