Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have recently (re-)discovered the world of massages. Let’s just say that as babies and all through childhood, we got our share of massages. However, as we grow we simply don’t find the time and motivation to probably indulge in massages.

My experiences on massages below:
• Massages are wonderful for the body – They relax muscles and improve blood circulation. A good massage session can reveal immediate difference to an individual
• Massages are great stress relievers - A session with soothing music can alleviate any / possibly all forms of stress
• Massages give you “Me-time” - An ample opportunity to be with yourself. Just relax, unwind and be!!!
• Impact of the massage is directly dependant on the hand of the masseur / masseuse. Ensure that he / she is suitably qualified and has adequate experience
• Massage with Ayurvedic oils are probably the most effective

My personal recommendation is that it is valuable to indulge in massages regularly. They are a worthwhile investment of time and money.

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