Friday, December 10, 2010

To DG...

He was all of 17 years old when he lost his father. Uneducated, unemployed and having to shoulder the responsibilities of his home ( mother and two unmarried sisters ) and his father's old debts, he appeared lost in this world. In diffcult times, most people (friends and family) usually abandon us - This was his reality as well. But even then I saw a fighter. Someone who was not afraid of the world, not afraid to take a chance and not afraid to shoulder responsibilities.

All he wanted was some support, some guidance and someone who had faith in him. Fortunately for him, he got all the three. Today (In 2010), 8 years later he is a flourising entrepreneur. He has had his share of successes and failures in the past few years - but nothing can dampen his "spirit". I am amazed at the scale and success of his enterprise, impressed by how much he has grown and how confidently he faces the world today.

Everytime I meet him, I usually motivate him and try to inspire him. But today when I met him, he was the one who had me listening. Here's what he said:
* Its so important to see failure early in life. Don't be afraid to fail ; You learn much more with every failure
* Only difficult times test and unveil the strength of our relationships
* Success and Money changes everything in life. Today, everyone wants to know me
* Think big; & Don't be afraid to take risks early in life
* Enjoy life when you get a chance

I am proud to know him and to see him successful. I wish him all the luck and success in the world...

This post is dedicated to DG

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