Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Insist or Not…

“Insist” – A simple 6 letter word which simply means “To not take NO for an answer”. A very powerful tool of expression – one would think.

Typically, the older generation (read as our parents / grand-parents) are extremely insistent on several things in life – From simple daily things such as food times and What to eat?, When to go out?, When to return home?, What to wear?, to more important life decisions like Whom to marry?, What age to marry?, What professions are probably suitable to pursue?, What kind of financial investments to make?, etc. etc. etc. These so called “insistences” are based on their experiences and hand-downs from earlier generations. Probe a little further and one will realize that the rationale for many of these is completely scientific and based on pure logic. The sad reality is that many people are not aware of the logic; & hence view these as an unwanted burden.

However, increasingly the current / younger generation adopts a different school of thought. One in which they express themselves more strongly, freely and openly (sometimes even without being asked). Most of the times, they also explain the rationale for their view-point, but rarely do they insist. The underlying thought is that after an age and stage of life, one is capable of independently making a choice based on their specific circumstance. So articulate your view point and then let individuals decided based on what they believe is the best for them!

While the above two are diverse in their philosophy, they are both probably right in their own way.

What I have come to realize is:
• If someone insists strongly on anything, try and find out the rationale for the same. Many times you will probably be surprised and impressed with the underlying logic
• For something’s in life, it is probably better to insist – whether at work or at home.  For the simple reason that it is in the best interest of the individual. Do not take NO for an answer. For e.g.: Medical check-ups of your parents / elders, A good habit you want your kids to develop, A positive change you want to bring in your spouse / friend / colleague, etc.
• For something’s in life, it is probably better to let the individual make a choice – based on their current circumstance, past experiences and future plans. An advice through a strong message should suffice to convey a view-point.

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