Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 : The Year that Was

2010 will be a special and important year in my life... Its been an eventful year with highs and lows - a year in which I learnt a lot about life, experienced things which I never thought I would and above all disovered / re-discovered myself.

Key Highlights that made the Year 2010 Special
* Became a mother this year and am still experiencing what motherhood is all about
* Invested significantly in "Me-Time" - Essentially spent quiet time in thought and reflection. This gave me a new perspective about myself, about life and about people
* Found the strength to "Let-Go" of some past baggage - Relationships, Investments and Inhibiting Thoughts
* Conquered some age old "Fears" - It was a liberating feeling!!!
* Met almost all of my immediate / extended family - Not really planned, but just so happened!
* Re-connected with some old friends from yesteryears - While we have all come a long way and changed in ways that probably has given us an almost new identity, some things about us will always remain the same
* Made some really great new friends - Its amazing to see how these bonds have been created and nurtured. One thing I do know for sure is that some of these people will remain as friends for life!!!

Top Learning's that I will carry through life
* Be Open - To people, To experiences, To learning, To anything new, To challenge yourself and most importantly To discover / re-discover yourself
Harness the infinite strength within - One should recognize that there is infinite strength within which should be channeled towards positive and constructive purposes
* Find the purpose of your Life - This is the oxygen for long term survival
* Find Balance in life - This is vital for a fulfilling life

Some Realizations about Myself
* I have transformed in several ways over the last 3 years. 2007 to 2010 have been the defining years of my life
* I am an extremely positive person ; & can find a shining rainbow even in the darkest of nights
* If I believe in something ; then the sky is the limit
* I am extremely adaptable ; sometimes to the extent that I surprise myself and those around me!!!
* I am extremely focused; Once I set my mind on something , Nothing can really stop me
* I have started to enjoy writing - It is a great form of creative expression
* I love running - It is a liberating feeling
* I am yet to discover myself fully ; It is a journey which I have embarked on consciously


  1. this is another planned list of yours :)

  2. You know, the other thing about 2010 is that you made a difference to a lot of people. Be happy always!