Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: What I’ll be blogging about?

A quick preview about the new things that I plan to blog about in 2011
Genetics – This is a subject which I find truly fascinating. A personal favorite for the past several years and hence I will be blogging about it
Biographies – About people who I find fascinating and want to know more about.  This will include Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Swami Vivekananda, etc.
Human Anatomy – Facts and information on the human anatomy. I guess it is my way to understand and appreciate the human anatomy
Arts and Crafts - Which I find interesting either because I excel at them OR because I have tried them and figured that I am lousy at them OR because I know very little about them and want to know more
Medical Innovations – Again a subject which I am personally very interested in. This will include research, findings and path breaking medical innovations which I have read or heard about. The more I speak to people from the medical fraternity, the more I realize that there are some truly transformational medical innovations just around the corner
Books – I shall be writing about books which I read. The list will include the following (simply because I have just finished reading, am in the process of reading or have already purchased it and intend to read it shortly) The Power by Rhonda Byrne, The Professional by Subroto Bagchi, Almost Single by Advaita Kala, Good to Great by Jim Collins, Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama, The Amazing Race Between China's Hare and India's Tortoise by Raghav Bahl, Imaging India by Nandan Nilekani
And then of course, I shall continue to blog about my experiences, my philosophies of life, my mantras for life, my motherhood journey, my random thoughts, people and events which touch my life.
Hope you enjoy reading my blog; as much as I enjoy blogging.
Happy New Year 2011!!!

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