Tuesday, January 11, 2011

21 Reasons Why I love blogging?

  1. It makes me dream
  2. I can express myself
  3. I can choose the topic
  4. It gives me “Me Time”
  5. It makes me contented
  6. I can learn to write better
  7. I can learn loads of new stuff
  8. It is an outlet for my creative energy
  9. I can choose whom to share my blogs with
  10. It makes me think – I shake those neurons
  11. I can choose the length – There’s no word limit
  12. I can choose the form of writing – Prose or Poetry
  13. It gives me a chance to fill the dots & blanks of my life
  14. I can learn new words and expand my English vocabulary
  15. It gives me a forum to share my knowledge and life experiences
  16. I can choose when I want to write; and also when I don’t want to write
  17. It makes me happy anytime someone compliments me for what I write
  18. I have a personal journal for future reference – Can be accessed any time and any where
  19. It’s a log which shows how I have changed and grown – Both as a writer and as an individual
  20. It gives me a chance to say Thank You to people who touch my life – By dedicating posts to them
  21. In times when I need it the most , it gives me a chance to look back at my life and re-live past experiences / moments
Now for those who know me well enough, you know why there had to be 21 reasons :)

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  1. The number has not changed in all these years has it? 21st Aug was it?