Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cutting a baby’s nails…

One of the most challenging tasks during the initial days of parenthood is to cut a baby’s nails.
I have mastered this over the past few months and so far been able to be successful every time I embark on this mission.

Some tips:
• Be gentle
• Always use a baby nail cutter
• Cut nails during the day time
• Try to cut nails when the baby is sleeping
• And if you do try to cut nails when the baby is awake
           o Do not show the baby the nail cutter – I think seeing an alien and complicated looking object in front of them & the fact that it is making contact with them makes the baby very unsettled, and most likely the baby will start crying even before you can begin the exercise. The best analogy I can give is akin to that of a dentist’s visit.  I have always been intimidated every time I see all the complicated and scary looking gadgets around me. And every time I do find myself getting tense when the dentist starts bringing any of these “hi-fi” gadgets into my mouth. If we as knowing consenting adults still feel so intimidated, then imagine the baby!!!
           o Ensure the baby is in a state where he / she is calm, stable (& not crying) and does not move too much – Else you may damage his / her skin

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