Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you still read???

Do you still read?” was a question that someone asked me recently, almost as if reading was an activity of the past…

Yes, I do still read. Probably, not as much as I would like to” was my response…

There are something’s about reading which I will always find exciting.

Reading makes you imagine – This is the possibly the best reason why anyone should read. Why is imagination so important? I guess simply because it helps you connect / re-connect with your creative side. And yes, imagination takes time and if you are really imaginative, you can possibly lose track of time. But then again “What is time?” (That’s the topic of an upcoming blog and there’s been some amazing research and phenomenal findings on this subject).

Off late, most of the people I know are glued to visual mediums – TV, videos, documentaries, etc. Simply because it probably takes less time to watch something than to read about it. And yes! Time is a precious commodity these days, one which we are always falling short of. While there are some definite benefits of visual mediums, I still do believe that there is a unique charm in imagination. Given a choice between a book and a movie on the same subject, I will pick the book any day

Reading makes you think – One of the numerous reasons why I personally love reading is because it makes me shake / stimulate / use my neurons. We have probably become so programmed, stereotypical and accepting in our ways of everything in life (especially if you are in your 30’s & are “well-settled” in life – Can be interpreted as whatever be your definition of “well-settled”), that shaking those neurons once in a way can actually be very refreshing

Reading can be at your pace – Yes! There are some books which can probably be finished off at a rapid pace over a couple of hours and some which compel you to read a page at a time, ponder and reflect. So you can pace it just right.

What I have found is that if you have been a reader, & are out of touch with reading for a while, begin with the easy reads. Not only does this give you the required start, but will also make you hooked on to reading. Then, go for the heavy stuff

Reading can be fun if you do have “reading buddies”. Essentially people who enjoy reading and read on diverse subjects – Not only will you be able to exchange names and authors of good books ( I have always found the best books by referrals from others) , but you will also get introduced to new subjects / topics which you may actually enjoy

And what can also be exciting is if you and your “reading buddies” pick up the same book at the same time. And once you are done with the reading, spend a few minutes on discussing your thoughts / take-a ways / observations about the book / author / writing style. I have personally found this to be a very interesting exercise – simply because it made me realize again and again that “No literary work can have the same impact and influence on the lives of two readers…”. And now that I am a writer too, I value this learning even more.

Take the time to read – It’s a great way to get yourself to learn new stuff, imagine and reflect…

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  1. After reading this blog I realized I m not doing justice to my learning curve.Apart from newspapers and magazines I should take out some time everyday and start reading on different topics.So lost in real estate world and daily routine work.I will try reading anything interesting before sleep everyday.