Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Maintenance… Arrgggghhhhhhh!!!

One of the most mundane and dreaded activities in daily life is house maintenance. It involves a zillion things which never get over and seem to take forever.

What is house maintenance? – Basic Definition
Any task / activity that is required to sustain / protect / preserve / uphold / continue / control / obliterate (as required) all functions of the house and all residents of the house (ranging from humans to reptiles to dogs to aquatic bodies to rodents to feline creatures to microorganisms like bacteria / virus to gadgets to rations …..)

Key Characteristics
• Its a perpetuity; and haunts you for life [as long as you live in a house!!! – May be that’s why the wise went off to live in the mountains :) ]
• There are continuous additions on the list of things to be done, hardly any deletions (ever)
• It is a never ending job – There will always always always be things to be done
• It only gets more complex and complicated with time – There will only be additions in terms of people or materialistic objects [Unless you consciously make an attempt to dispose something old for something new]
• It is a thankless job
• It is probably one of the most boring and monotonous job [Of course, it gives you an opportunity to listen to music and get a little exercise while at it]

But then, on the upside:
• There are times and unexpected moments when you come across some old memories - old books, old clothes, old photos, old junk from the past, etc.; & you get a chance to re-live these moments
• It is a good way to kill time – if you have nothing else to do
• You get to live in a clean, neat and well organized environment
• There is a sense of pride when someone gives you a compliment
• There is a sense of satisfaction when you put your feet up
• You get the opportunity to unleash your creativity ; And can be as creative as you want within the four walls

I don’t know when and where and how. But historically, it appears that somewhere along the way women earned the “exclusive rights” to house maintenance. However much they want to share this responsibility, there are no willing contenders. Of course, there are supporters, sympathesizers, helpers, etc. – but the primary ownership and accountability rests with women.

I do really wish that everything about house maintenance could be automated and controlled on the click of a button… And do believe that there is a strong business case for “complete outsourcing of house maintenance” – provided it comes at an affordable price and with a guarantee of trust!!!

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