Saturday, January 15, 2011

I got a call today...

I got a call today...
No, not from the bank
No, not from my family
No, not from my friends
No, not from my colleagues
No, not from the courier company
No, not from the telephone company
No, not from the credit card company
No, not yet from God (I still have my share of time on Earth!!!)
OK… So now that you’re losing patience (Almost like when they announce the winners of TV reality shows. And trust me! I don’t want to lose you as a reader.) and wondering who called me, let me spill the beans.
I got a call today from Z [Now, for the three musketeers (A,M & S) – You will never be able to guess even in your wildest dreams who called me. And if you want to know, you have to call me…]
Z is someone from my past. Someone whom I have known from several years of my life. Someone who probably knew me better than I knew myself at some time in life. Z found the link of my blog. And no, I did not send Z the link. Neither have I sent the link to anyone remotely associated with Z – I have been extra cautious about this. Neither have I been aggressive in marketing this blog (At least, Not the way I have done with the other blogs of mine). I don’t know how Z came across this blog. See that’s the thing about your past – “It keeps coming back at you when you least expect it in ways that you can never imagine.
It was an unidentified number. I am yet to figure out how Z got my number – That’s a mystery which I should solve wearing my ‘detective hat’. Anyways these days, I almost never pick up the phone if it’s an unidentified number. To be honest, there are so many times when I am unable to answer the calls of even friends and family. Now that’s another change that happens when you have a baby – You simply can’t talk to whom you want when you want. And anyone who knows me from childhood will know that the telecommunication department and I share an “age-old deep bond”. But anyways, I did answer the phone.
I heard the “Hello” and I knew who it was. See that’s the other thing about your past – “Something’s never change.” Voices will remain voices till eternity. It’s been eons since we spoke, but still the voice was just the same. Just as I knew it. Just as I recall it. Just as I will always remember. [OK, so now I can add this to my “Reasons why I love blogging” (Refer ) – “You get calls from unexpected people when you least expect it.!!!”]
And this is what Z said to me “I have been reading your blog. And I have read every single post. You are truly an extraordinary thinker and phenomenal writer. I did not know that you are so creative. I could never imagine you would ever turn out this way. It’s like you are at an all together different plane and I don’t know you anymore. Though I don’t understand half the things you have written about, there’s something so addictive and enticing about the way you write…
Hmmmm… OK. So far, So good. But anyone who knows Z well enough will vouch for the fact that any conversation with Z is incomplete without Z’s talk about the glory and success of Z’s life (which I call the “Tom Tom Tom” time ) and Z’s ever so generous advice (Hmm.. which mere mortals like me could use anytime!!!)
So next came the “Tom Tom Tom”  time – About how Z is so happy and successful in life.  About Z’s time at Harvard (OK, Full credit for this!!!). About how Z has the most exciting and phenomenal professional life. Next the personal life - About how Z’s spouse is the very best. About all of Z’s newly acquired material possessions (from the new swanky car, to the beautiful new house, to the new holiday home, to all the hi-fi gadgets). About how Z is able to pursue other dreams, hobbies and passions (From travel all over the world, to sculpture, to fine art, to golf). In summary, all’s going perfect in Z’s life.
And now it was time for Z’s profound advice (& I do value feedback from any reader). “You know I have a few comments –.You should keep your writing simple so that more readers like me can understand what you’re trying to convey. It seems to take forever to comprehend what you are trying to say. You should get your work published. You should use more visual representations. You should make your page more attractive...”
And just before I forget to communicate why I started this blog, let me end with this question “Why do you do what you do? – Is it for YOURSELF or Is it for OTHERS?”
Think and Reflect…

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  1. are you kidding? did 'Z" actually say that your writing has to get simpler?
    I really don't think 'Z' is actually can't get simpler than this!