Monday, January 17, 2011

I made a century today

Yipeeeee.. Just realized that I made a century today. Congrats to me on achieving the milestone.
If you still did not get it, I completed writing a 100 blog posts today.

Not that I had an explicit target or time frame, but then there is still something gratifying about reaching a magic number – A sense of achievement perhaps!!!

Well, let me say that reaching this milestone has been a fulfilling and a rewarding experience….

And while I still have the next 100 posts – either saved in my Drafts or in my gray matter

Here I am…. Summing up my journey so far
I set out with a target
I achieve the target
I create a record
I create history….
Only to find myself longing for more
And so I reset the target
Only to beat my own record
And to recreate history…

My journey continues....


  1. awesome! May you strike many more such centuries!!