Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Skating

One of the sports which I love to watch (both live or recorded) is ice skating. It simply never ceases to please me. Simply because there is something so magical,so perfect, so artistic about it.

Hmm... Why is it so appealing?
* The whiteness of ice is so pure, expansive and almost eternal
* The dresses worn by the artists even for their day to day practice are so pretty and colorful. The colors so beautifully complement the whitness of ice and it is a real treat to watch. On a performance day, the dresses are really classy, elegant, beautiful and take your breath away
* The skill exhibited by the artists is amazing - The sense of balance, strength, agility and above all perfection is awesome
* The music accompanying each performance is so beautifully synergized with the performance - Mostly this is light instrumental classics. Its a treat for the ears and eyes

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