Monday, January 31, 2011

In some ways we end up like our parents…

• Ever wondered where you got your looks from
• Ever reflected on how you carry yourself in public
• Ever thought of how you formed your daily habits
• Ever thought of how you defined your core value system
• Ever thought who became your role models
• Ever thought about how you acquired your taste for food
• Ever pondered on how you learnt and explained the basics
• Ever wondered how you teach the difference between right and wrong
• Ever thought about how you conduct yourself in your day-to-day private life
• Ever wondered how you figured the priorities of your life
• Ever wondered how you made a tough decision
• Ever wondered how you judge anything
• Ever thought where the flexibility and agility came from
• Ever wondered how your thoughts get refined and filtered
• Ever wondered about how you communicate – the words you use, the pitch you take, the silences you make, the silences you break
• Ever caught yourself humming a lullaby and wondered when and where you learnt it
• Ever cooked a dish which you’ve probably never dished up in your entire life
• Ever reflected on how you came up with the bed time story starting “Once upon a time…”
• Ever wondered how you named the fictitious invisible character
• Ever wondered where all the courage came from
• Ever figured where all the confidence came from
• Ever pondered on where the talent came from
• Ever reflected on where the world views came from
• Ever wondered about the origin of your sympathies and empathies
• Ever thought how you formed your likes and dislikes– ranging from music, to colors, to movies, to literature, to fine art, to style….
• Ever wondered where the openness came from
• Ever pondered on your outlook towards money, personal finance and investing
• Ever thought where the religious views came from
• Ever reflected on your adaptability and its evolution
• Ever thought what defines you

If you take a moment to connect the dots, some of these can be directly attributed to your parents
And about something’s you will eventually end up like your parents….
The cycle and circle of life continues…

This blog is dedicated to my parents. Thank you Amma & Nana for everything…


  1. And your child is end up like you in many ways ! :)

  2. Its also a scary thought.......there are things that I don't want to pick up from mum or dad!!

  3. So true!
    Wanna see my little Ahan grow with values in me ... n ofcourse his dad...

  4. A thought to b thought deeply, Ill b happy if I end up with 10% of my parents' values!!