Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its been an amazing week [15 - 22 Jan 2011]

This week has been an amazing week. Everything just went by perfect.

Key Highlights
* My Blog - Got phenomenal response and interesting propositions- some which I would have never imagined or dreamt of. Everyone from my primary school classmate to my IIMB professors seemed to enjoy reading it. The only downside is that (in spite of everything I have done), I have not been able to get A, C, S & U to read my blog. They come up with the most creative excuses on why they won't read it :(
* After ages, I got ample time for myself and simply loved every minute. And I did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted & how I wanted!!! This is bliss
* Spent lots of time with N. Every day I fall in love with her again and again and again. I love her hearty laugh - Its just so pure!!!
* Been cooking lots of dishes and they all turned out just superb - Matar Paneer, Bisi bele bath, Macaroni, Chinese noodles, Gobi manchurian, Corriander chutney, Corriander powder, Pesarettu, White Puri, Authentic S Indian meal - Carrot / Beans with coconut curry, Dal, Rasam
* Got a new coffee maker - Tastes superb!!!
* Spoke & Spent time with my favorite people - friends and family


  1. Here is to many more lovely weeks! Enjoy it while it lastsg

  2. Hot Coffee in Delhi cold, Soem very tasty dishes to go wth. What more can you ask for? Awesome week....
    Reading the names of the dishes made my mouth water. Which is sad because I am supposed to be on diet as per my new year resolution.
    Ithink you will need some good books to complete the week. An icing on the week as it were....