Monday, January 10, 2011

Left Speechless...

I have been in several situations over the recent past when I have been at a complete loss of words...

Not because I don't have the knowledge - In fact in most of those situations , I would consider my self an expert on the topic being discussed and probably have more knowledge than about 80% of the crowd
Not because I don't have a point of view - In fact in most of the situations, I did have a strong point of view; that backed with adequate data and logic
Not because I don't understand what's being said - Its simple plain English...

But still I have been left speechless..

I wonder why is it that there are some moments with some people and in some situations, one is left at a complete loss of words...

* Is it because one is not comfortable expressing his / her point of view ???
* Is it because one lacks the required confidence for expressing himself / herself ???
* Is it because one would be challenged for expressing himself / herself ???
* Is it because one does not have complete comprehension of what one is saying ???
* Is it because the emotions are so strong that words merely would do no justice to the underlying feelings ???
* Is it because what we are saying is a minority opinion and we do fear the repercussions ???
* Is it because what we are saying is something radical ???
* Is it because the audience is probably not going to be receptive to what's being said ???
* Is is it because one does expect us to say what we do ???


  1. Hmmm very interesting.. Go on Nischala ... probe this topic further. Touch upon your experiences in overcoming these.

  2. Hi Vinod - Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and for the feedback.
    This blog ending the way it has is completely intentional. This is a specific style of literary writing - More to provoke the reader to think, reflect and also to keep coming back for more :)

  3. There are times I say nothing because I am lazy to argue! Or maybe I have switched off because of the intellect of the other sets of people!