Monday, January 31, 2011

The Lure of Newness…

As long as we exist, anything new will continue to lure us. It can be a new smart phone, to a new tablet, to a newly launched motor vehicle, to the new kid on the block, to a new technology, to a new recipe, to a new invention, to a new addition in the family, to a new purchase that we made, to a new supermarket that opened near-by, to a new cuisine that we want to try, to a new program on TV, to a new movie release, to a new……………..

Many times, we probably don’t really need or want or are interested in this “new” thing…

But anything new continues to lure us
And we lust for a while
And then give in to this temptation

Just for a moment of joy
Just for a moment of wonder
Just for a moment of excitement
Just for a moment of fun
Just to beat the boredom
Just to break the monotony
Just to get the true picture
Just for something refreshing
Just because someone else has it
Just to understand what it’s all about
And just like that sometimes

But is the moment really worth it? You have to answer…

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