Monday, January 31, 2011

Many Defects, Many Deficiencies

No one is perfect. It’s part of the deal we sign up at birth. But what if you are with someone with more defects than you can ever count and imagine? With more deficiencies than normalcy’s? Then what…???

It’s so hard to live life
It’s so hard to be positive every day
It’s so hard to open your eyes in the morning
It’s so hard to push yourself every single minute
It’s so hard to protect all the defects and deficiencies
It’s so hard to cover up all the defects and deficiencies

Life will never probably be normal– unless you re-define normal. There is a definitive impact on every life dimension. After a point of time, life can become a drag.

And sometimes you just wish that by the swish of a magic wand – All the defects and deficiencies just disappear….

It requires great internal strength, phenomenal patience, perseverance, selfless service, unconditional love and countless sacrifices to even survive with such individuals.

Can you live with someone who has more defects, more deficiencies than you can handle?

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