Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Most people I know...

Most people I know (mostly friends) are:
* In their 30’s
* Have had a professional work experience of 7 – 12 years
* Have something to do with IT (Either they are in the IT industry, or are married to folks in the IT industry or use IT as a part of their professional work requirements)
* Have travelled the globe, lived in other countries, experienced diverse cultures and lifestyles
* Are all “settled” in the so called societal definition (Car; House; Bank Balance; Investments including shares, real estate, gold, etc; Latest home gadgets from plasma TV’s to iPAD’s to iPOD’s to Microwaves to Washing Machines, etc, – All the material settlements)
* Seem to be going through an “unsettled phase” of life – Possibly an identity crisis / mid-life crisis / lack of purpose / aimlessness…..
* And appear to be in one of the following categories:
   i) Happily single by choice – Either because they love themselves, their life, their lifestyle, their freedom and their dreams; and are simply not willing to give it all up for anyone OR they met the right someone and decided that he / she was not so right after all
   ii) Single by lack of choice – Simply because they are yet to meet the right someone. Most of these people / their families are on a desperate hunt for their life partners
   iii) Married & as a Twosome – And will probably continue this way for their life time by mutual consent. They have ample time to pursue individual and common hobbies and interests
   iv) Married with a Family – Expansion and promotion to a three / four some. This category is busy as ever trying to find the balance between the demanding family life, competitive professional demands, others expectations of them and their own self-expectations

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