Friday, January 7, 2011

Name Game

I was chatting with a little kid about what she learnt in school and she mentioned about a game called "Name Game". Essentially, you need to spell out your name and the first word that comes to your mind for each letter of your name. The only pre-rquisite is that a spontaneous response is required...

So, here were my responses:
Sleep [ Well I am currently sleep deprived - So that's what came to my mind when I heard S :) ]

Apparently, one is supposed to do this exercise periodically (say once a year or once a month). If you do mainatin a log / poster of this, it will show you how you have changed over time!!!

Well my logical mind asked...
* Why the letters of your name and not any other letters like ABCDE or AEIOU or QWERT....? Guess your name will stay through life...
* Why did I not do this in school? Education now seems to be so much more fun
* What does it say about yourself?

Hmm..... A barrage of questions..

And here's what she said? Come on - Life is not always about questions and logic. Just go with the flow... So true and right!
So for now I will just dedicate this blog to the "Name Game".
And just for fun, I will probably repeat this exercise periodically and see what emerges!!!

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