Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Simplicity… We choose Complexity…

What is it with humans and their inherent need for complexity?

We seem to love complex multi-layered personalities; even though in our day-to-day lives all that we yearn for is simple uncomplicated individuals

We seem to love to read complicated books and literature; even though the same message we probably learnt sometime in school

We seem to love complex gadgets; even though we don’t need or understand them

We seem to love it when the doctor rattles complex incomprehensible names of diseases (and also view him / her in high esteem) and almost disappointed when we hear familiar names; even though it is mighty precious to be healthy and well

We seem to love to be entrusted with complex problems, even though they take all our energy and time and away from where we really want to head; and are sometimes probably just not worth solving

We seem to love ourselves when we are able to speak of complex issues in a convoluted manner much to the dismay, discomfort and confusion of others; even though the same message can be relayed using the simplest of words (provided we have full comprehension and control of the subject at hand & can spend a minute in constructing the right string of words)

Hmmmmm….. I wonder why?

Because with every complexity, there is pride
Because with every complexity, there is thrill
Because with every complexity, there is novelty
Because with every complexity, there is intrigue
Because with every complexity, there is triumph
Because with every complexity, there is grandeur
Because with every complexity, there is mysticism
Because with every complexity, there is realization


  1. Nischala, I agree with your views, no complexity,no thrill......status quo is boring :)


  2. A question that's left me wondering every time at work or in personal relationships. I think we love keeping ourselves occupied in first complicating first and then taking pride in uncomplicating things. But we fail to notice that there's thrill in simplicity too! No wonder we're often told to have child-like curiosity! :)

  3. True there is a thrill in complexity.. And thats why the thrill is in unraveling the complexity and making it simple.

    On the receiving end though, I like people who have the ability to simplify things - whether it is technical knowledge or life itself.

    Another good topic ..!

  4. Complicated blog to provide simplistic message of Keeping it simple :).
    btw, only when you have complete knowledge and experience, you can convey things in simple manner!!!

  5. Hi Nischala - have you heard of Occam's Razor? :-)

    But as someone else has commented, making complex things simple is a great thing! Hugely admire that skill...


  6. Nischala, really nice post. However, I do have to disagree with your last line - "Because with every complexity is realization". My personal belief is that realization by itself is simple (in fact it is in the moment), we make the process complex. I forgot who has said this, but it is so pertinent - TRUTH is always simple and in your face, you can choose to complicate by going in circles.