Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Past...

We all have a past. One in which we have done many things. Things which make us happy and things that make us sad. Things that we want to share with everyone and things that we prefer hiding from everyone (sometimes even to ourselves). Things we feel went right and things we feel were just not right. Things that went perfectly and things that went just so imperfectly. Things that went as planned and things that simply went off plan. Things we are proud of and things that we are not so proud of. Things we always imagined and things we never imagined even in our wildest dreams. Things we loved and things we hated. Things we expected and things we never expected. Things we wanted and things we never wanted. Things we created and things we destroyed – could be thoughts, emotions or material objects. Things we fully understood and things we never really understood.
All the good, positive and happy memories of the past are something’s that we all like to re-live again and again and again. Why? Because there’s a sense of joy in these moments. There’s a sense of achievement in these moments. There’s a sense of satisfaction in these moments.
But just imagine how it would be if a ghost from the past re-surfaces? Something / someone you never thought would ever cross your path? Something / someone you always avoided / escaped from provided it was within your locus of control? – Probably a lost love or love lost, someone you cheated or someone who has cheated you, someone you have been unfaithful to or someone who has been unfaithful to you, someone you hurt very badly or someone who you hurt very badly, something which you regret, someone who broke your trust or someone whose trust you broke, something ….. / someone……
Just Take a Moment to Think…
When confronted with several such “ghosts from the past”, here’s what I learnt
* It’s not as bad as you think it is. We all grow, evolve, mature, forget, forgive, accept, learn and move on. Time heals. And we find the strength to “Let-go”. To “Live”. And To “Let-Live”. And to make peace with the past
For something’s, you need to conquer your fears. After all, fear is only a figment of your imagination
For something’s, you need to find the inner strength to accept what you did – Just for yourself – This will probably free you from the shackles of bondage
And for something’s you need to find the courage to own up what you did – In front of others. And to possibly say Sorry. Of course, Sorry cannot undo the past – But it can liberate you from the past baggage you are carrying

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