Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Photography seems to be a hot passion / favorite hobby of every second person I know. And the others appear to be on their way to learning from their friends or buying the best cameras or experimenting with existing gadgets. I was wondering why it is gaining so much popularity.

Top Reasons below:
• Enables one to capture moments / life experiences
• Gives you an opportunity to re-live some of these moments / memories
• There is truth in “A picture is worth a zillion words”
• If you have nothing else to do, it is a great leisure pursuit
• It’s a great reason (& excuse) to explore the world with a lens  – To travel anywhere from the local vegetable market to the weekly flower market to the Himalayas
• You can re-connect with your creative side
• It brings you closer to reality, to nature, to life
• If you are really good, you can make some additional money. Not to mention the truck loads of compliments every time someone sees the pictures
• If you have nothing really to say in your orkut / facebook account / blog / mail, just upload a picture / send an attachment. So much is said!!
• You get a chance to spend all the money in your bank account by upgrading to new cameras and buying additional accessories
• And many of the guys say that it makes the women in their lives happy :). Apparently, the women don't really complain about this hobby / passion / obsession as long as an occasional picture of theirs is taken... Bah!!!

If there's an additional reason on why photography is great, leave a comment...

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