Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Power Nap?

I never really knew and understood what a power nap was or how to take it till my 3 ½ month old daughter demonstrated it repeatedly. She’ll play and laugh and kick and roll and stretch and do a zillion things to tire herself out (and everyone around her – me included); and then take a short nap of about 15 minutes & wake up completely refreshed and recharged (while everyone around her is still exhausted) – Ready to take any new activity that is in front of her.

After observing her for several days, I decided to join her on this. So every time (rather every time that it is feasible) that she gets into her power nap time, I join her. And lo and behold, she’s up after a few minutes and wakes me up too with her baby boos & coos. I wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and recharged!!!

Babies can definitely teach us a thing or two. Just observe, absorb and even follow!!!

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