Monday, January 31, 2011

Push Yourself..

So many people push themselves every minute of their lives. Push themselves to wake up, to do things they love, to do things they hate, to do things for others, to live up to our own expectations, to make a mark in this world...

Broadly, there are two reasons why people push themselves:

1) By circumstances / By compulsion - It’s easy to comprehend and rationalize these actions. They are probably done in fear, under pressure, for approval, for acceptance and mostly for lack of a choice

2) By choice – This is exclusive and hard to fully comprehend. I am amazed when people push themselves – physically, mentally or emotionally by choice. I wonder why and how it is humanly possible to push yourself so much? They probably do it to test themselves, to prove a point, to reach a goal, to achieve something, or out of sheer love… And I truly admire such people.

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