Friday, January 28, 2011

The Reek of Selfishness

Most human thoughts, actions and deeds are a manifestation of selfishness..

Every where I go
Any where I look
All things that I hear
Every one I know
Has selfishness at display

And even if you are truly selfless ; or have a bone of selflessness within you
Its hard not to get influenced by the selfishness of those around you
And even if its effect is not lasting
Its so easy to get swayed into an occasional moment of selfishness
Pure unadulterated selfishness....

I wonder when and where and how selfishness was born?
Is it our lack of faith?
Is it our lack of hope?
Is it our concern for our loved ones?
Is it our unrelenting thirst for success?
Is it our unconditional love for ourselves?
Is it our underlying beliefs on limited resources?
Is it our past experiences - losses, hurts, misses?
Is it our blindness from reality or vision of reality?
Is it our quest for happiness, and our inherent conviction that happiness is somehow linked to our selfish motives in life?

What is it? 

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