Friday, January 7, 2011

Self Learning

They are all different......
People of all ages,
People of all sexes,
People in all phases of life,
People with varied ethnicities,
People from all spheres of life,
People with varied social standing,
People pursuing different interests,
People from all parts of the world...

Yet here's what they have in common....
They love learning
They learn by themselves
They pursue their passions
They excel in what they do!!!

They all left a mark in my life - The enlightenment below:
* Conscious Self Learning is the highest ( and probably the best ) form of Learning - One can choose the topics to learn about, can define the pace, can choose the medium of instruction, can set his / her own standards for self evaluation and above all can achieve true satisfaction in learning
* A great teacher is one who can facilitate and promote self learning - If you can enable a budding mind to learn by himself / herself, that is the best service you can render to any student
* Self Learning can be learnt by yourself - It requires perseverance, self-discipline and a genuine thirst to learn new things

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