Monday, January 17, 2011

She seems to understand...

As adults, we give babies less credit than they deserve. Why?

Because they don’t expect it
Because they don’t ask for it
Because they can’t really speak
Because we can’t appreciate what they do
Because we don’t ever think of giving it to them

That’s really not fair on them….

Let me illustrate what I am trying to say with a few personal examples of the recent past:
Example 1: Every time when someone visits us, I always whisper to her saying “Now be good. Don’t cry”. And never ever ever has she cried when someone visits us. She is so well behaved and composed that it makes me so proud.

Example 2: A few weeks ago I was in a tough, unexpected and unanticipated circumstance which really worried me. And at the same time, there were just so many demands and expectations of me. At one such moment when I felt that I just needed a hug, a shoulder to lean on and a ear – I found myself all alone. No one was around. Except N. And she was crying. So I held her and looked into her eyes and said all that I wanted to ending with a warm hug. And I don’t know why I said it, but I did. I said “N. Let’s  hope that everything will be fine”. She immediately stopped crying and gave me the most empathetic look that I have ever seen in my life. And her eyes seemed to convey “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine”. And everything did settle down and work out to be just fine.

Example 3: Yesterday was a rather tiring and tying day. By about 5 PM I was in a state where I just needed to crash. And she started crying. I tried to be patient [Hmmm… There is a unique connection between patience and mothers. Most women I know seem to demonstrate to unimaginable patience with their babies. Even if they are the most impatient in every other sphere of life and with everyone else in their lives.], did everything I could to pacify her, & it just did not work. Then I looked at her and said “N. I am really tired and need to sleep. Please can you also go to sleep and not cry.” She looked at me with the most sympathetic expression. The very next second she stopped crying and was silent. I thought I had to put her to sleep (which is the normal practice). But no, she put herself to sleep and let me also sleep. We slept @ 5:30 PM and woke up only @ 7:30 PM.

Example 4: Every time the environment around her is vibrant and happy, she is all excited and smiley. Every time the environment around her is serious, she is serious. Every time someone looks sad or worried, she has the more somber expression on her face.

Needless to say, but I can go on with a zillion more examples…

I don’t know what she feels
I don’t know what she thinks
I don’t know what she understands
But here’s what I do know, she gives the RIGHT response!!!

And for that baby, you get full credit – A salute, A golden star and A 100 / 100.

You are the very BEST!!!

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