Monday, January 31, 2011


One of the most sacred relationships is that between a student and a teacher. And we’ve all had many teachers all through our lives. Starting from our parents to school to graduation to post-graduation, & of course, not to forget the many tuition teachers & and other teachers who helped us learn alternate skills like music, dancing, aerobics, skating, puppet making, pottery, baking, etc.

And like everything else in life – There are all kinds of teachers. Those who make a profound impact on your life with one statement – something which struck such a deep chord that it almost made you a different person, those whom you will never forget, those with whom you share a special bond, those that will always have a special place in your heart, those whom you will never remember, those whose learning’s you will never forget, those whose style you will never forget…………………….. and lastly, those who give a new meaning to the word “teacher”.

Over the years, I’ve realized that if you’ve ever had a good teacher at any one time in your life, you will eventually turn out good.

Simply because a good teacher:
• Teaches you to learn by yourself
• Teaches you to asks questions
• Teaches you by example
• Teaches you to reason
• Teaches you to believe in yourself
• Teaches you about yourself – Specially, things which you are not aware of
• And lastly, encourages you to discover yourself

The ultimate reward for a teacher is to watch their students flower and flourish in life. To achieve happiness, success and fulfill their dreams.

And then some day, probably come back to say what was never said. And I’ve seen this happen through the years. Several people well into their adult life suddenly realize the impact that a special teacher had in their current stature. And, then they make significant efforts to re-connect and express their gratitude. And this is the definitive moment of satisfaction for any teacher.

And I’ve seen that the best teachers are always the most humble human beings. So unassuming that I sometimes wonder how they can influence so many lives so deeply. But then I’ve also come to believe that it is a gift. One which very few are bestowed with.

So if you’ve ever had a good teacher in your life, you are lucky. Take a moment to say Thank You.

This post is dedicated to all the teachers of my life
Specially dedicated to Mrs IJK – For believing in me and seeing something which even I could not


  1. I am curious to know who Mrs IJK is :)
    While you have written about teachers who have made a positive impact.........there are several who mar or destroy someones life!!
    There are so many of them who have taken up teaching only because they didn't find anything else to do! How many of us..lostt ourselves completely because of these teachers! Bitter memories is all they bring :(

  2. I agree with both Rinku and you on this. Unfortunately, given the formative years when we meet these folks and given the power they have over us (granted to them by both age and position), it's never a fair situation. Of course, when we were growing up, we took the following orders bit too seriously and rarely questioned these folks. I agree that there are some seriously awesome ones, like my French teacher Vidya who is also one of my closest friends & one who changed the course of my life. But more often than not, teachers are just people, and quite often people who’ve stayed in a role for too long making them jaded, judgmental, set in their ways and rarely open to new ideas. I’m sorry Nischala: but if you wax poetic about teachers without covering the other end of the spectrum, I’m going to have to remind you of 9th grade, Ferny and black marks:-).